la·zer · vaude·ville (lã´zër vôd´vil) n. a mixing of: blacklight with juggling, lasers with magic, audience participation with acrobatics and slapstick comedy, dance with object manipulation presented in performing arts centers and theatres. An international touring stage show that features Carter Brown with hoop rolling and rope-spinning, Cindy Marvell the first woman ever to win the International Juggling Association Championships, and Jeff Taub former Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus clown, as well as Comedia Dell'Arte theater performer and master mask maker.

la·zer (lã´zër) n. an attempt by some over-caffinated entertainers to: 1 spell the first word of America's premiere New-Vaudeville show 2 a severe misspelling of the same 3 a word that is not even in the dictionary (so much for our great first impression with the educators)

vaude·ville (vôd´vil) n. a combination of: 1 juggling (the art of throwing up) 2 good comedy (something rarely seen on T.V.) 3 acrobatics (we've fallen and we can't get up) and 4 magic (did I say a dirty word?)

 Four color poster of Lazer Vaudeville ! 17" x 22" Poster !

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    LAZER VAUDEVILLE has been touring its theatrical production in the United States and abroad since 1987. The show combines the traditional arts of vaudeville--juggling, magic, comedy, slapstick acrobatics, and audience participation--with the modern special effects of lasers, strobe, and black-light. The company was founded by Carter Brown, who developed an interest in vaudeville while studying theatre and art at the University of Vermont. After touring as a clown with Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus and as a solo juggler with Carden International Circus, where he also designed sound and lights, Brown decided to form his own touring show.

    LAZER VAUDEVILLE began as a duet with a 3-month tour of college shows which quickly grew to a 9-month tour of performing arts centers, historic opera houses, and restored vaudeville houses throughout the U. S., Canada, and even Asia! Today the show includes three vaudevillians, a 7-foot tall, fluorescent, fire-breathing dragon named Alfonzo, and a wizard who performs magical illusions with laser beams. Carter Brown performs his unique bicycle hoop rolling act and rope-spinning cowboy; International Juggling Champion Cindy Marvell performs choreographed pieces with balls, clubs, percussive bolas, and drums; mask-maker and character clown Jeff Taub acts up with physical comedy, slapstick, and prat falls. Santa Claus joins the cast during the Christmas season for a special holiday show. The company also produces an Arts-in-Education program designed to teach elementary through high school students about the history of vaudeville and the science of laser technology. These educational performances are seen by over 60,000 students a year.

    The full-length theatre performance has enthralled children and adults alike, bringing old-fashioned vaudeville entertainment and expertise to the TV generation. During the past season, LAZER VAUDEVILLE performed for more than 150,000 people, breaking many box-office records and selling out houses from the Rapid City Civic Center and The Lincoln Center in Ft. Collins, CO to the Portsmouth Music Hall in New Hampshire and the Orpheum, featured in the Boston Globe. The season concluded with a 60-show tour of Southeast Asia, with sold-out shows in Osaka, Japan and the International Theatre Festival in Hong Kong. The coming year includes performances across America and Canada, including a return engagement at the Canadian Northern Children's' Festival in Prince George, B. C.


    SEE THE SHOW LIVE - The Tour Schedule !

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    A BIG TALL 7 FOOT ORANGE DRAGON WITH AN ATTITUDE ! Alfonzo - The Seven Foot Tall Fluorescent Fire-Breathing Dragon.

    Alfonzo is the MC of the show, so he does the first four minutes just to loosen up the audience, and lay down the law about no flash photography. He's got a bigger chin than Jay Leno, and he's funnier too.

    No, it's not a grave digger. It's the Piece Called GEOSPHERES. We don't have a graphic of it yet !

    BANG, BANG, BANG ! The Beat - South American Style Bolas, Rhythmic Blacklight Bolas !

    This piece starts as a solo in the blacklight by Carter Brown, and he is soon joined by Cindy Marvell and Jeff Taub, to produce a musical array of synchronous sounds .

    Yo-Yo Marvell - 3, 4, then 5 balls, moving with a poetic fluidity !

    Cindy Marvell is the first woman ever to win the International Juggling Association's Championship. The New York Times says she "juggles like a poet". She moves as one who has had the incredible Isadora Duncan dance training that she has.

    Dueling Straight Jackets - Nothing quite like a captive audience --- member !

    Audience participation takes a new twist as a member of the audience is challenged to escape from a straitjacket, and usually winds up.........well you'll just have to see the show .

    Lazer Graphics - Twisting, curving, into a myriad of different shapes!

    I couldn't stop looking at the Lazer Lights on the ceiling! Experience the Sixties...without the side effects...

    The Neon Cowboy - Highly skilled rope - spinning combined with blacklight !

    Where did he get those toys??

    Have a Seat - A vaudeville clown caught with his pants down !

    Physical comedian Jeff Taub leaves the audience--and his pants--in stitches as he tilts, wobbles, and then falls down. His character training as a Ringling clown and Commedia Dell'Arte performer led to a steady job after all !

    Wall Street Rush - It's a bird, it's a plane, it's your boss !

    An arts administrator's worst file-cabinet fantasies are brought to life via acrobatic air-mail.

    Drumble - Juggling, movement, and sound woven together !

    Yin, Yang, and silicone balls create mesmerizing patterns and rhythms in this taiko-inspired piece.

    Saws - R - Us - Just a little too bloody for us to show.

    Plungers, machetes, and a hapless audience member take the stage--oh, yeah, and a chainsaw too.

    Alfonzo The Dragon - Back to sing a silly love song !

    How come Cindy always misses this touching tribute--could it be that she and Alf are one and the same?


    Where The Clubs Meet The Sky - What more can we say ?

    Lots, Jeff can do 20 minutes on a french fry, then go on to the next one. Cindy adds another club in the meantime.

    Wizards - Magically floating plasma balls, disappearing monsters, and more !

    Merlin takes his act on the road in this feast of illusion and near-deadly stage combat.

    Lazer Beams - Multi-colored Lasers tracing evaporating images !

    Yes, it's true, we use more fog than a Pink Floyd show--but LAZER VAUDEVILLE'S is pina-colada scented.

    Hooping - Rolling, bouncing hoops that have a life of their own !

    In the vaudeville days, these wooden bicycle rims were state-of-the-art; now they are rolling through every state thanks to Carter Brown! He's come a long way since his days as an aspiring juggler on the circus trains and streets of America. Not only is he the only person performing this unique act today, but he can also fix computers, trucks, laser machines, and re-wire a house single-handedly! For reasons too obscure to explain, he founded LAZER VAUDEVILLE almost 10 years ago.

    Julia Childish - This immature chef serves up plate-spinning du jour !

    Good help is hard to find--but Julia always finds someone with that special "je ne sais quoi," as they say in Italy.

    Alfonzo The Dragon - Alf thinks he's cool singin' the blues !

    Hold on to your sunglasses as Alf boogies all the way to his stretch limo--time to take a nap or eat a dwarf.

    Clubbing - 3 performers, 10 clubs, You do the math !

    Totally awesome! Never have the benefits of a good chiropractor been more aptly demonstrated.


    SEE THE SHOW LIVE - The Tour Schedule !

    BRING US TO YOUR THEATRE - Everything you need to know about bringing us to your theatre. Reviews, Publicity Materials, Letters of Recommendation, Biographies, Program Copy, Art-In-Education, even our Tech. Rider

    THE ARTS-IN-EDUCATION PRESENTATION - You guessed it, graphics and descriptions.

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