Visual Theatre Artists
Mimes, Clowns, Puppets, Physical Theatre

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  1. The Acme Clown Company
  2. Always welcome to L'eauT'art! - A young universal artist talks about mime, surrealism, theater and diabolojuggling. Ook in een uitgebreide nederlandse versie!
  3. American Academy of Mime - Academy "In Residence" comes to you. Advocating a style that is relevant to today's audiences and the highest standards of techniques and precision.
  4. Trent Arterberry - Mime Extrordinaire
  5. Avner The Eccentric - Mime/Comedy

  6. BERGER & DISKIN (The Chameleons)
  7. blue puppet theatre - a buskers puppet show for all

  8. Cary Trivanovich - Director of the American Academy of Mime. Pantomime Concert Performance enjoyed in over 3000 schools and colleges, appropriate for the whole family.
  9. Tanya and Tim Chartier - offer unique experiences in mime, puppetry, storytelling, and clowning

  11. Das Puppenspiel - A theatre Company founded in 1974 that tours nationally and internationally with productions featuring mime, mask, and 'bunraku' style puppetry.
  12. Dell'Arte Players Company

  13. Ecole de Mime Corporel Dramatique and Theatre de l'Ange Fou were created in Paris in 1984

  14. Mr. Fish - Big Apple Circus Clown
  15. FunnyMagic - The Magic and Physical Comedy of Peter Gross - Magic,Juggling, Physical Comedy plus Peter Gross and his amazing Flying Rodents!
  16. Funny Stuff Circus

  17. GAM - Street & Comedy Theatre
  18. Jim Gamble Puppet Productions

  19. Horizon Theatre Co. Ltd. - provides workshops and training, event management and theatre performances.
  20. Geoff Hoyle - Comic Genius


  22. Jack Julius -Entertainer-Magic, Mime & Comedy Shows - I create the illusion of Mime with the reality of Magic and a touch of Comedy to make you smile! My style is very unique!
  23. Jimbo Z. Klown & Magic and characters Too! - An award winning registered clown and character performer Jim is available for many venues.Stage Shows,Roving performing, Meet/Greet & more!

  24. Lazer Vaudeville
  25. Le Centre du Silence

  26. Maquette X XX - An international ensemble, founded in 89 by students of Decroux, based in Brussels. Visit their current project 'Touch Me' on their site
  27. Meaning Through Motion
  28. MIKO - Bronislaw Machalski - His live and film performances have garnered numerous awards in Europe and , now, American audiences have the opportunity to experience the unparalleled artistry of Bronislaw Machalski, known simply as Miko.
  29. Mimbots Mime - a company of characters that specially deal in interactive / mix n' mingle / walkabout entertainment.
  30. Mime Artist Sung-Jin Jo - Korean mask dance style, interested in rites of shaman and slide performance. introduction of Korea Mime Council & Korean traditional performing arts.
  31. MIME CENTRUM BERLIN - Theatre, Movement, Laboratory, Mime, Biomechanics
  32. Mime - The World of Mime Theatre
  34. Mud Bay Jugglers

  35. Phantom Sheep Comedy Productions
  36. Phenomenal Physics

  37. Quazi huda, mime ambassador of bangladesh, founder of nu-age mime theatre

  38. Shields & Yarnell - Mime Theatre
  39. Singapore Magicians Network (SMN) - Singapore's first internet magic service
  40. Steve the Mimeguy - site dedicated to mime, physical theatre, mask, teaching and visual art with a special focus on drama in education
  41. Super Scientific Circus

  42. Theatre Beyond Words - Canada's internationally acclaimed visual theatre company for family and young audiences, having performed to over 2 million people worldwide.
  43. Theatre de l'Ange Fou - the company created and toured over 14 original plays and specilise in Etienne Decroux repertoire dir: S. Wasson C.Soum
  44. Theatre Fantastique - CYBERSUITE
  45. Michael Lane Trautman - Solo Theater - clown, mime, magician, vaudevillian, juggler, performance artist, physical comedian, and more.

  46. UMO - Ensemble of performers who create and compose their own productions. The Ensemble's creative process is rooted in physical theater.

  47. Van Buren's World of Magic & Illusion - international touring magic & illusion show with juggling unicycling plate spinning large scale magic & illusions, as performed before royalty

  48. Yass Hakoshima Mime Theatre - In 1967, Mr. Hakoshima made his stage debut in New York, and then embarked on a ten-year tour of the United States during which he performed at over 400 universities and colleges in 49 states.




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