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  1. 3d Cafe (3d models)
  2. 4D- The Model Shop
  3. 7th Sign - (a division of 1stCo, Inc.), presents itself as a full service production agency for talented artists of all disciplines and genres.
  4. A. C. Lighting, Inc. Exclusive distributor for Wholehog and Jands lighting control, Chroma-Q Color Changers, and ProColor lighting filters. Distributors for Le Maitre, DF-50, Socapex, Union Connector, WYSIWYG software, and Electrol dimmers.
  5. A.C.T. Enterprises, Inc. Designs and manufactures hanging hardware for the entertainment industry.
  6. ATC/Grand - Providing responsible solutions for customers' problems through innovative ideas, a comprehensive line of quality products, and reliable services including: complete lighting, curtain, rigging systems; sales, rentals, consultations and design
  7. aaa music memorabilia - records-LPs,45s,78s(every category),sheet music, photographs, posters, books, etc. From 1800s to 1980s.
  8. A V Pro, Inc. - Electronic system integrator specializing in theatrical lighting, performance sound, and video projection.
  9. Actor's Life
  10. ADB Stage and TV lighting - Zaventem -manufactures equipment and designs complete systems for stage lighting, TV studio lighting, architectural controls. The four-language website includes detailed product information.
  11. Advanced Devices Inc. Manufacturers of Bates stage pin wiring devices
  12. Advanced Lighting & Sound Solutions Sales, service, rentals, and installation of sound and lighting equipment and supplies.
  13. Aerial Rigs N' Gigs, Inc.
  14. Aerostar Balloons - Inflatable costumes
  15. Alter Years (historical, ethnic dance and specialty patterns)
  16. Akoustikos Monk Productions - Toronto, Ontario - Theatrical Sound Effects & Music. Audio Playback & Show Control
  17. Alcorn McBride Inc. Alcorn McBride designs products for theme parks, live shows and other entertainment venues. Our Equipment is in use in every major theme park around the world.
  18. Alinco Costumes
  19. Allegro Music - The major U.S. distributor of classical music.
  20. Altman Stage Lighting Manufactures a full line of theatrical lights, a wide range of film and video lights, and the associated accessories.
  21. Altstar Co., Inc. - Provides automated lighting for concert tours, industrials, and theatre.
  22. American Costume Co. - Denver, Colorado - costume rental company. We specialize in period costumes but also have nationals, characters, etc.
  23. Angstrom Stage Lighting
  24. Arriflex Corp. Largest manufacturer of professional camera equipment for motion pictures, and location and studio lighting for TV, film, video, theater, and concerts.
  25. Artifice, Inc. - Eugene, Oregon - Publisher of DesignWorkshop, fast, fun and creative 3D modeling and rendering software, ideal for set and production design and lighting visualization.
  26. Artistic Licence (UK) Ltd. - specialise in the development of control equipment for the entertainment technology market. Ranging from complete product design to custom lighting and motion control touring systems, experience gained has led to the evolution of a unique product range.
  27. "Arting", promotion and consulting for Performing Arts - Performing Arts Management , specializing in Mime and Dance. Located in Neuwied/Germany, we serve most of Western Europe.
  28. Associated Theatrical Contractors - responsible solutions for customers' problems through innovative ideas, a comprehensive line of quality products, and reliable services including: complete lighting, curtain, and rigging systems, sales, rentals, consultations and design.
  29. AudioNet Jukebox
  30. AutoCAD Shareware Clearinghouse; CADalog
  31. Autograph (Digital photo studio)
  32. Automatic Devices Co. A variety of curved and straight curtain tracks are available, as well as a complete line of UL and ETL listed electric curtain machines to operate them.
  33. AVAB Scandinavia AB - manufacturers of lighting control systems and dimmers for professional applications with expertise on networking including ethernet, DMX accessories and planning packages.
  34. Avenger - Mechelen, Begium EEC - Manufacturer of the most advanced showcontrol system.
  35. Avitra Theatre Sound Design - Chicago, IL - Theatre sound design services and recording
  36. Avolites America, Inc.
  37. AVW Controls - Diss, Norfolk - specialist rigging and scenery motion control engineers.

  38. BMI Supply - a full line theatrical supply house and on site stage contractor. National and worldwide shipments of hardware, draperies, drops, lighting, dimming, paint and more.
  39. BMI Supply South - Greenville, SC - Full Service Theatrical Equipment Supplier, Installer and Consultant
  40. BML Stage Lighting Co., Inc.
  41. Backstage, Inc. Online - Richmond, VA - Theatrical Equipment and supplies, Pro-Audio and Lighting Contractor, Multimedia Design and Consulting services
  42. BACKSTAGE starring Carol Channing - New York, NY - Theatrical CD-ROM Game starring Carol Channing. Download demo at site.
  43. Bagh Technologies (Makers of Architrion)
  44. Baker's Plays Online Theatre Resource Directory - Baker's Plays has been around since 1845, and Theatre Professionals know Baker's printed catalogues and use the printed Theatre Resource Directory to help with all their production needs in finding what they need...now the TRD is online.
  45. Ballet CD-Rom by Victoria Morgan
  46. Ballroom Gown Network - Browse ads selling and requesting used dance gowns and women and men's shoes.
  47. Baltimore Stage Lighting, Inc. - offers lighting design, complete equipment packages with crew, and equipment rentals and sales.
  48. Bandit Lites - Full services sales, rental, repair, specification, design for theatre, school, nightclub and entertainment complexes. Touring, special events, film and video departments.
  49. Barbizon - supplier of lighting equipment and accessories for theater, television, film and themed architectrual environments. Our Systems Division manages the design and implementation of integrated lighting and rigging systems.
  50. Benedikt & Salmon Performing Arts - Autographs, Records, Books - International specialists in music and performing arts, est in 1982.Catalogs.
  51. Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging, Inc. - Full service lighting, staging and audio firm specializing in live events, parties, fashion shows, corporate events, etc.
  52. Berklee Press - publishes the highest caliber music instruction products, all geared toward educating and training musicians hungry for a successful career in music.
  53. Bestek Lighting & Staging - West Babylon, New York - Lighting & Staging
  54. Big Apple Lights - full service lighting rental and sales company for theatrical equipment and special effects. Although we are known primarily as a supplier for the "downtown" performance spaces in New York, our client base extends from coast to coast and beyond.
  55. Big Deal Custom Casings - Winnipeg, Manitoba - Manufacturers of custom cases, cabinets, workboxes, and displays for the entertainment industry.
  56. BluesWEB
  57. Bob Rizzo
  58. Bogen Photo
  59. Box Office Xpress - Port Dover, ON - Box office management and ticketing software.
  60. Bradfield Stage Lighting - Professional lighting services, equipment sales and rentals, installations, and consultations. Systems design, event lighting, softgoods, and expendables.
  61. Broadway Press - Publisher of books for the entertainment industry, specializing in textbooks and field guides for technical theatre.
  62. Brown - United, Inc. - roof and staging company specializing in large stadium or outdoor events, as well as permanent amphitheaters.
  63. Buhl Industries (Digital video image projection)
  64. Bühnenbau Schnakenberg GmbH & Co. KG - Already 120 years well known in the world of designing, producing and installing theatre technique. Furthermore producer of studio rigging systems, mobile platforms, motorized platforms, mobile and stationary multi-liftline-hoists and NIVOflex platform systems.
  65. Bulbtronics, Inc. Wholesale lamp distributor. Specializing in stage, studio, theatre, television, film, nightclub, and concert lighting. Locations on both coasts.

  66. CAE, Inc. - Manufacuturer of Leprecon® professional lighting equipment for live entertainment and permanent installations. ISYS lighting equipment for stage, television studios, conference rooms or concert halls. Littlite® Gooseneck Lamps and accessories.
  67. CITT (Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology) Strives to make our members better informed and more effective by enhancing communications and encouraging co-operation. We initiate research, publications, workshops and discussion.
  68. Cakewalk Music Software
  69. California Stage and Lighting - Full line theatrical dealer offering sales, rentals, service, system sales, and production support.
  70. Camelont (Rendering/design services)
  71. Canada Ticket Inc. - Surrey, B.C. - a ticket, tag and label manufacturer. We specialize in a number of items, among them being theatre admission tickets.
  72. Canadian Theatre Software - family of software systems is designed to run ticketing operations
  73. Capezio Ballet Makers
  74. CAST Lighting Limited - develops software for the entertainment industry including the WYSIWYG lighting visualization system, and also provides design services for stage, television, concert and architectural projects.
  75. Casta Diva - costumers for film and theatrical productions
  76. Center Line Studios Set builders for a variety of venues, including theatrical stage, opera, television, and motion pictures. Specialists in triple swivel casters of lasting quality.
  77. Centre Stage Plastics - Mississauga, Ontario - Vacuum formed plastic reproductions for TV, movie sets. Over 2000 molds in stock ranging from suits of armour, masks, carosel horses, Roman columns, and other architectural components.
  78. Challenge Records Services B.V. - independent Jazz recording label based in The Netherlands
  79. The Character Shop - award-winning special effects company that excels in animatronics, makeup effects, puppets, and robotics.
  80. Chicago Spotlight, Inc. - Full service sales/rental supplier of dimming and control, rigging, drapery, track, lighting fixtures, follow spotlights, expendables, and accessories along with rigging and lighting system sales, installation, rigging inspections, and field service.
  81. Childrens Theatre Plays .Com - Scripts and stageplays for children, young audiences, youth and families. Directors, producers, teachers will find award winning plays
  82. Cindy Makes Things
  83. Cine Services, Inc. - Sales and rentals of the best in motion picture and theatrical lighting, electrical, grip equipment, lighting and grip trucks and generators for film and video production, photography and theatrical productions.
  84. Circuit Lighting - Stage lighting and production company supplying lighting and sound/ lighting/ staging packages nationally and internationally.
  85. City Theatrical Inc. - Bronx, NY - manufacturer of unique lighting accessories, Its product line and services, with links to its dealer network.
  86. J.R. Clancy - designing, manufacturing, and installing theatre rigging, orchestra shells, stage lifts, television and studio rigging, lighting and sound systems.
  87. Clarity Designs - Toronto, Ontario - Sound Design & Wireless Audio Services to the professional theatre marketplace.
  88. ClassiCat
  89. Classics World
  90. Clay Paky S.P.A. - design and manufacture a wide range of high quality products for professional show lighting. Products and systems include a complete range of microprocessor driven fully controllable projectors, special lighting effects, automated fixtures, stage lighting spots, fog machines and relevant accessories.
  91. Cobalt Studios, Inc. - A fully equipped scenic painting studio specializing in painted backdrops. We are also a school for scene painting.
  92. Bill Collins - BC Music
  93. The Colonial Dancing Master
  94. ComedyWriter - ComedyWriter is a Microsoft Windows 3.1/95/98 program which helps make life and work funnier...and easier!
  95. Compulite R & D - manufactures dimming systems and a complete line of control consoles for intelligent and conventional lights, as well as a family of lighting accessories including precision moving yoke, dimming shutters, scrollers, DMX control devices, and an Ethernet system. The company also manufactures CompuCAD, a conceptual lighting design software product.
  96. Corona Integrated Technologies, Inc. - Provides ISC 9001 quality generators for thermal fog of unequaled small - 0.2 micron - particles that minimize visual distortion and drop slowly, extending hanging time and lowering fluid consumption.
  97. Costume Armour & ChristoVac
  98. Costume Shop, The
  99. The Costume Source
  100. Crawford International Theatrical Corporation - CITC - Lynnwood, WA - Snow, fog, mist, haze, and other special effects for all of your theater, movie, ballet, and concert needs.
  101. Creative Stage Lighting Co., Inc. - Manufacturer of the DURA-FLEX line of multi-cables, DMX cables, mic cables and data cables. Offers a complete range of fabricated cable assemblies. Manufactures lighting fixtures, Northern case custom ATA style road cases, lighting truss and related accessories.
  102. Crescit Software Inc. - Blyth, Ontario - Providing the finest quality of easy to use software tools for Lighting Plots and Paperwork, 3D Plot Visualization, PC Based DMX Control, Show Control, Sound Playback, meeting both professional and educational needs.
  103. Custom Rigging Systems, Inc.
  104. CyberJaz (Rare and Hard to find recordings and music)

  105. DC Theatricks - Costume.com site - Buffalo, NY - Costume sales, rentals and custom manufacturing. Specializing in Men's Tailored Period Suits and Military Uniforms.
  106. Da Capo Music
  107. Dance Book Club (and Videos)
  108. Dance Designs
  109. The Dancers Drawer - North Attleborough, MA
  110. Dance Equipment International
  111. DanceFashions Inc
  112. Dance Manager and More!
  113. Dance Naked - Shirts and Apparel
  114. Dance Theatre Shop - Ordering clothes over the net
  115. DanceSOFT Dance Studio "Get Physical" Software
  116. Dancewear and More
  117. Dancewear Australia - Strictly ballroom--gowns, Latin dresses, practice wear.
  118. Dancin' Habit Dance Video Catalog
  119. Dark Side Masks - Australian manufacturer of theatrical, educational and party masks.
  120. Datafox Software - Writer's Agent and PlayOps help writers sell their writing in 3 easy steps.
  121. Dataton AB - The Dataton media integration and control system is a powerful tool for creating and running shows incorporating virtually any combination of presentation media. The Dataton system, based on Dataton TRAX® software, provides the precise timing and synchronization that is the hallmark of all good presentations
  122. Decca Records
  123. Declan Weir Productions, Inc.
  124. Des Moines Theatrical Shop
  125. Design-Drafting - CAD Models
  126. Design Image Online
  127. DesignCurve - CAD resources
  128. Designlab Chicago, Inc. - Lighting rentals, production services and sales. Complete line of automated and conventional lighting, production supplies and equipment. Consulting, design, rigging, and drapery sales.
  129. De Sisti Lighting - Design and manufacture of complete motorized and robotic lighting and rigging systems; motion picture and television studio, photographic and location lighting.
  130. Diehl Graphsoft
  131. Digital Projection
  132. Digital Theatre - Las Vegas, Nevada - offers poweful Stage Management software programs and is also home of the World Theatre Directory, which includes theatre information, contacts, "Show News", and much much more.
  133. Direct Imagination -Tools for designers
  134. Discotech Pro Light Co. Ltd. - One of the biggest producers and suppliers of professional lighting equipment in Poland. Discotech exports equipment all over the world.
  135. Discount Dance Supply
  136. A Discovery of Chinese Folk Tunes - a CD of traditional Chinese folk music played on the Coconut Shell Fiddle by Jeremy Moyer
  138. Diversitronics, Inc. - Manufacturer of DMX strobelights and special effect entertainment lighting systems. Products include strobes for par cans, ellipsoidals, linear lamp Super strobes, dome strobes, and Superstar strobes.
  139. Doughty & Prolyte Products, Inc. - US subsidiary of the Dutch truss manufacturer. Supplies a large variety of truss systems with the patent pending conical coupling devices.
  140. Dove Systems - Manufacturer of dimming and control for theatrical applications, schools, and churches for national and international customer base.
  141. Downhome Productions - Lighting services include: production support, design, direction and consultation. Production services include: audio production, rentals and staging.
  142. Dragonfly Design Studio - We carry a large assortment of historical sewing patterns.
  143. Michael B. Druxman - One Person Plays

  144. e screening room documentary: Mehli Mehta and the American Youth Symphony - Free online documentary of Mastro Mehli Mehta and his work with the American Youth Symphony
  145. ELS/Entertainment Lighting Services - Rentals and sales of quality products and services for the entertainment industry.
  146. E\T\C UK Ltd. - provides large scale dynamic image projection for live events.
  147. ETA Systems - Manufacturer of microprocessor based stage lighting controllers and dimmer packs, truss systems, and conditioned power distribution systems for entertainment venues, permanent installation and touring.
  148. EarMaster - Advanced ear training software for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.
  149. Easy Computers - CAD systems
  150. Educational Theatre Association - network of theatre educators, artists, other professionals, and the students with whom they work. Major activities include an annual national convention for theatre teachers, the International Thespian Festival for high school students, and two magazines, Dramatics and Teaching Theatre.
  151. Edwin Jones Co. - Theatrical lighting, dimming and control manufacturers'representative for Texas and Oklahoma.
  152. Eggshell Lighting Company, Inc. - Honolulu
  153. EICHNER Tanzschuhe - Dance shoes of all varities--in English and German.
  154. Eldridge Publishing Company - offers plays and musicals for all occasions
  155. Electrol Engineering - Electrol was established in 1982 with the idea of providing a quality product at a reasonable price for the lighting industry.
  156. Electronic Theatre Control (ETC) - Manufactures a complete line of sophisticated entertainment lighting equipment, including control consoles, dimming equipment, interface products, lighting fixtures, and an architectural lighting system.
  157. Elektralite
  158. Entertainment Equipment Corporation - Full sales, service, installation of cinema equipment. Consulting, training, and educational programs.
  159. Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. - EIC's mission is to lead the entertainment industry in bringing it's power and influence to bear on health and social issues.
  160. Entertainment Resources, Inc. - Special Event Booking and Production Company
  161. Entertainment Systems Corporation - Newton, New Jersey - Sales & rentals of lighting - sound - Fx - rigging - curtains - color media - bulbs - pyrotechnics - curtains - soft goods - scenic and gaffers supplies. Shop # 1 Local 365 I.A.T.S.E.
  162. Estrella Dancewear
  163. Eurotard
  164. Extra Special Entertainment - Casting service, providing non-union Extras to the TV and Movie industry. New Extras always wanted.

  165. Faberge Fabrique Ltd. - London
  166. Fast CAD
  167. Field Template - Lighting Drafting Templates
  168. Fisher Technical - Automation, Control Systems, Special Effects, Rigging
  169. Flying Pig Systems - London, England - Lighting console builders who have been used on B'way by Titanic, The Life and The Scarlet Pimpernel.
  170. Foothills Software - Upland, CA - developer of Box Office Manager ticketing and reservations software for school and community theatres. Information and downloadable demo versions are available on our site.
  171. Forte Stage Combat Weapons Rental and Sales - Wheaton, IL - Your first choice for sword and dagger rental or sales, chain mail armor rental or sales, and stage combat choreography.
  172. Foy Inventerprises, Inc.
  173. Jack A. Frost Ltd. - Consultation, design, supply, installation, training, rental, and service of lighting, sound, drapery, staging, and power systems for stage and studio since 1957.
  174. Full Circle Lighting, Inc. - From design to execution, offering lighting, sound, and staging services for corporate, theatrical and special events.
  175. Future Casting 2000 - uses the internet to help talent and crew find new ways to further their careers.

  176. GSD Productions, Inc. - Rentals, sales, design, service, and installation of lighting, sound, staging, and effects equipment. Complete special events contracting services for indoor/outdoor venues, and touring shows.
  177. GVC Videowalls
  178. GALA - A division of Paco Corporation - St Hubert, Quebec - rigging systems and stagelift technology. With over 30 patents on various mechanical devices to our credit, GALA is particularly proud of its strong engineering team and its R&D efforts. The SPIRALIFT has become North America's most widely used linear actuator for propelling stage and orchestra lifts.
  179. GAMPRODUCTS, Inc. World's leading manufacture of special effects lighting. Complete line of color filters, GamColor, GamChroics, GamFusion, GAM Patterns, GAM Scene Machine, TwinSpin, Spin/FX, Blackwrap, Flickermaster, StarStrobe, Stik-UP, GAMTools, and GAMFloor.
  180. GaryW0001's Official Musical MIDI Home Page - This is the Official Home Page for Broadway & Movie Musical MIDI Sequences created & distributed by Gary Wachtel
  181. Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes - Information on pointe shoes and ordering over the net
  182. Geni Electronics Company - Geni Electronics Company produces high value, competitively priced disco and stage lighting products, including strobes, effects and scanners.
  183. Glantre Engineering Limited - International specialists in cruise ship, theatre and theme park entertainment technology, providing design, supply and installation packages of lighting, sound, rigging, AV, and effects.
  184. Global Village Imports -South and central american fabric
  185. Goddard Design Co. - Designers and manufacturers of theatrical electronics. Current products: DMX512 test equipment (Lil'DMXter, etc.), Chaos Audio intercom system, and AWU scenery mechanization controllers.
  186. Graphisoft - CAD
  187. Gray Interfaces - manufacturer of entertainment lighting interface and distribution devices. Products include digital and analog converters, relay drivers, relay panels, repeaters, isolators, and show control. Gray Interfaces is also the manufacturer of the innovative DMX Pathfinder and DMX routing system.
  188. Grishko - Ballet Shoes and Dancewear
  189. Grishko America
  190. Group One Ltd - Exclusive U.S. distributor for lighting and audio products including: Clay Paky, Elektralite, MA Lighting Technology, Pulsar, Focusrite, KRK Soundelux, and XTA Signal Processing.

  191. Hamilton Dry Goods - Historically correct fabrics from the civil war era
  192. Harkness Hall, Limited - The world's leading manufacturer and supplier of cinema screens, surfaces and screen systems and theatre stage equipment.
  193. Harlequin Floors
  194. Harper House - Vintage sewing patterns
  195. Harris Production Services, Inc. - Providing comprehensive design integration and production management services, Harris Production Services has been instrumental in the staging of spectaculaer shows and attractions worldwide, such as Broadway productions, corporate meetings for Microsoft and AT&T, and stylized themed attractions such as the Rio's Masquerade Show in the Sky and Niketown New York.
  196. Hearn & Spencer's Dance Accessories - Surrey, England - If you are involved in Ballroom, Latin American, Sequence, Disco Alternative Rhythms and Rock 'n' Roll Dancing, we have products and services to interest you
  197. High End Systems - Austin, TX - Manufacturers/distributors of high quality special effects lighting. Products: Cyberlight, Technobeam, Trackspot, Studio Color washlight, Dataflash AF-1000 xenon strobe, F-100 fog generator, Status Cue console.
  198. High Output, Inc. - Boston, MA - Largest supplier of theatrical and film equipment in New England.
  199. Historic Architecture
  200. Hollywood Lights - 50 years servicing the northwest special events, theatrical, and film/video industries. 2,000 square foot showroom featuring fixtures, dimming/control, lamps, color media, effects, and expendables.
  201. Hussey Seating Company - North Berwick, ME
  202. Hypersonics II - Sales, Service of Pro/Home Electronic Gear for medium to large venues. DJ, KJ, MC services rendered for a fee.

  203. Impart, Inc - Truss & Videowalls
  204. IMTEK Environmental - Manufacturers of odor control products.
  205. ISYS/CAE, Inc. - Manufacturer of new ISYS(tm) lighting equipment. Lightweight, quick, choke-less dimming equipment for live entertainment and permanent installations.
  206. InterAmerica Stage, Inc. - Consulting, Project Mgmt, Design, Fabrication, Installation,and Maintenance of Rigging & Show Automation Systems
  207. Interactive Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturers of professional DMX tolls and equipment. Product line includes the highly acclaimed RadioDMX wireless DMX distribution system, which was recognized as one of TCI Magazine's 1997 Product of the Year, and the award-winning MicroTech DMX personal DMX troubleshooting tool.
  208. International Magic and Fun Shop
  209. International Mascot Coporation
  210. Interesting Products, Inc. - Manufacturer of liquid nitrogen based fog effects. High quality, low maintenance equipment dedicated to healthy, safe, and cost effective designs.

  211. Jay Distributors
  212. Jazz World Society
  213. John Hyatt & Associates, Inc. - Madison, WI - full-service dealer of theatrical lighting and supplies with locations in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Madison, Wisconsin.
  214. Johnson Systems, Inc. - Manufacturers of lighting control products and systems for cost-effective installations and upgrades. Specialising in complete digital conversions to retrofit existing dimmers to the performance of current technology.
  215. Jones & Phillips Associates, Inc. - Theatrical consultants for over 150 performance facilities including design coordination, financial and program planning, architecture, architectural lighting, equipment, and operational systems in projects worldwide.
  216. Just Plastics - New York, NY

  217. K2B2 Records - Independent record label of modern jazz, world, classical and children's music on cd and video
  218. K-24 Lighting, Inc. - 24 hour service; sales, production, rentals, consulation, design and installation of entertainment / specialty lighting. Manufacturer of the Movielite 5.
  219. K & K Productions
  220. Keough Consulting Services (KCS) - solutions for organizations seeking excellence in their ticketing operation
  221. Kling Law Firm - the Los Angeles Entertainment & Internet Law Firm - A full service entertainment & internet law firm for your legal needs.
  222. KOMADEN Corporation - Provides diverse effects for theme park attractions, special events, stage shows, television shows and other projects.
  223. Kultur Video - publisher of performing arts on video featuring legendary performances in opera, ballet, classical music, art and literature.
  224. LDI (Lighting Dimensions International) - The annual trade show and expo sponsored by Lighting Dimensions, Theatre Crafts International, and S&VC magazines as well as ESTA.
  225. Le Maitre Special Effects - manufacturer of safe theatrical fog and haze machines. Distributor of the safe, reliable Le Maitre Pyroflash indoor pyrotechnics, designed for the entertainment industry.
  226. Lehigh Electric Products Co. - Manufactures a complete line of architectural and theatrical dimmers and controls.
  227. Leprecon®/CAE, Inc. - Manufacturer of lighting equipment for live entertainment and permanent installations. Equipment ranges from small single scene six channel controllers to 72/144W channel memory consoles.
  228. Level Control Systems
  229. Light & Sound Design, Inc.
  230. The Light Network
  231. Lighting Analysts - Lighting Design software
  232. Lighting & Electronics, Inc. - Manufacturing a full line of stage lighting fixtures, accessories, and power distribution equipment.
  233. Lighting by Monty Ltd. - Rentals, sales and service of stage and studio lighting. Serving Alberta from offices in Edmonton and Calgary.
  234. Lighting Dimensions - The international trade magazine for lighting professionals designing for theatre, film, television, clubs, concerts, theme parks, industrials, and architectural lighting.
  235. Lighting Technologies - Lighting Technologies is a full-service lighting company with emphasis in the concert touring and special event touring markets.
  236. Lite-Trol Service Company - Service, repair, modification of any lighting control system or component. Obsolete dimmers our specialty. Shop or on-site repairs. You name it. We fix it!
  237. Littlite®/CAE, Inc. - Littlite® Gooseneck lamps are available in lampsets or individual goosenecks.
  238. Loyola Enterprises Inc.
  239. Lumatech Lighting - We provide lighting productions for concert, theatre, TV/film, corporate and special events.
  240. LuxArt - Lighting Design software
  241. Lycian Stage Lighting- world's largest manufacturer devoted exclusively to followspots for every application: the short range quartz ClubSpots, the Midgets with exclusive spread lenses, variable intensity SuperArcs including the new 4K xenon, HMI Starlights and SuperStars, and the ever popular 1290XLT 2K xenon.
  242. Lynch's - Theatrical Supplies




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