Latin Jazz Quartet

Gary Cardile, John Belzaguy, Bert Dalton, Ricky Malichi


The Award Winning Latin Jazz Quartet

"YOBOSO" - "the soulful one," is a perfect definition for the brand of Latin jazz performed by this acclaimed quartet. Yoboso recently won the nationwide Jazz Discovery competition sponsored by the Black Entertainment Network's Jazz Central program. Their initial recording, YOBOSO - YA LLEGO! (TRIALOG MR343) has risen to No. 15 on the Miami Latin charts and was awarded "Album of the Year" by the New Mexico "Mic" Awards.

BERT DALTON (piano, keyboards, vocals) grew up in jazz-rich Chicago. He began playing piano at age eight. Bert became interested in jazz in high school, studied music at Northern Illinois University, and has been a career pianist and arranger for 23 years. He co-led the Chicago Jazz Exchange which toured the U.S., Australian, and New Zealand and recorded on the CBS label. Bert has formed several piano trios such as the Jazzmasters Trio, The Bert Dalton Trio, and Mirage. Recently he has produced and arranged four CDs, toured Hawaii with Viva Jazz, and is currently a rostered No. l artist with the New Mexico Arts Division and the Arizona Council on the Arts.

RICKY MALICHI (drums, percussion, vocals) is originally from Detroit and began drumming at age eleven. He moved to El Paso and was selected for the Texas All-State Concert Band while in high school. After earning his B.A. from the University of Texas at El Paso, Ricky performed with such jazz greats as Jack Sheldon, Monty Budwig, Charlie Rouse, Art Pepper, and Tommy Newsome. He has recorded eight albums and is a rostaered No. 1 artist with the New Mexico Arts Division.

GARY CARDILE (congas, lead vocals) grew up in Kansas City singing and playing in soul and rhythm and blues bands. Since moving to Los Angeles, he has worked with Latin, jazz, and R & B artists such as Lou Rawls, Hank Crawford, Eddie Cano, John Heard, Phineas Newborn, Jr., Esther Phillips and Jimmy Witherspoon.

JOHN BELZAGUY (bass, vocals) has freelanced in New York City and is at home playing many styles of music. He has worked with the Buddy Rich Band and famed percussionist Candido. John has kept active in the recording studio and doing jingles as well as musical shows in New York and throughout the Northeast.

"YOBOSO - the soulful one - is a perfect definition for the brand of Latin Jazz by this acclaimed quartet. Their new recording YOBOSO - YA LLEGO! has already won them the well-deserved status and recognition of a world-standard touring ensemble." -GENE LEE

Patricia Alberti Performing Artists Management