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Hawaiian Guitarist/Vocalist

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Hawaiian Slack-Key Guitar and Vocals

Watching Rick Hanapi perform solo with his 12-string guitar, one sees a handsome Hawaiian man who engages his audience with his own style of traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music. What is not readily apparent is the depth and strength of character that brought Rick to this time and place on Kaua'i.

Rick was born and raised in a typical Hawaiian family with music and dancing a part of the family heritage. In the book, "Hawaiian Music and Musicians" by Kanahele, one can read of his uncle Mike Hanapi, a famous falsetto singer, steel guitar player and saxophonist, who traveled with Artie Shaw's orchestra.

"Composing my own songs and music has always been important to me," Rick says, "so I decided a new album featuring my songs should be made." The result is Rick's 1991 release, "Smile of Love".

Relax, settle back, close your eyes. Imagine yourself in Hawaii with its fragrant flowers, enjoying a beautiful, tropical sunset. Rick Hanapi's Hawaiian falsetto and slack-key guitar are providing the music for this unforgettable, nostalgic experience. This is a dream come true!

"Rick was wonderful and well received...now two years later we are still being asked when he will make a return engagement." - Frank Harmon Gloucester, MA

"His mezmorizing voice flows like a waterfall from falsetto to baritone. A masteful performance, totally enthralling.t"- Pamela Dana Hazelton, Lako Enterprises, Kauai

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